type in User Name and Password and click Login

"Year:" field has a drop down for prior years

"School:" field

If you have access to the District database, formerly VAX DSTCRT, choose that and click Continue

Multi School access

If you have access to other than your own school, select that school and click continue

**most users will only have access to their school and this will be the default upon log in

Your navigation  menu tree will differ depending on your own Aeries security and access needs

Expanding the Student Data menu tree

click the plus sign (+) (again options will be dependant on your Aeries securty access)

Reporting tools

click on "View All Reports" to see a listing of the reports your security access allows you to run

In this example "Class List By Section" will be run

In this example "Class List By Section" will be run

The report parameters, if any, will display


Report Format: options

Report Format: options

Choose the format you want

Print Which Schedule? parameter

Print Which Schedule? parameter

* This particular report can be run from the Master Schedule (MST) or the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS)

Click Run Report

Print Class List by Section Report shows the following data

The reports will auto-launch into the file format you selected

View Report

View Report

You can View Report also

View All Forms

1.  View All Forms

2.  Allows you to limit by Category or

3.  Filter for certain key words, see next step

Filter: for hear...

Filter: for hear...

1.  typing in hear then the Enter key on your keyboard will take you to the hearing form and give you the Path:  Hearing in housed in the Student Data table in the Medical tab

2.  Click on the path and you will be taken to the student hearing area

Using the NAVIGATION tools

Using the NAVIGATION tools

The magnifying glass symbol is for searching; it is equivalent to the "G"et function.  The < and > symbols are backward and forward

Using the Search/Get function

Using the Search/Get function

1.  Clicking on the magnifying glass will allow you to type in student last name, partial last name, student number or perm ID

2.  Typing in smith and the Enter key or clicking "Go" will return all the Smiths at given school

3.  You can "Include Inactive Students" or turn inactive students feature off

4.  You then just click on the student you are looking for and it will take you to that student's demographic display

Using Query functionality

Selecting the Query tool will display the above components and list the Tables your security access allows you to view

1.  Select the command

2.  Select the Table or Tables you need to Query

3.  Select the Field(s) your need to Query

4.  Select the Sort, If and/or Comparision parameters you need and use the Enter key on your keyboard or

5.  click the word Run (this example will return the students who have first name = John)

6.   You can also request the query to return in Excel format  (*note for MAC users this will go to your desktop)

7.   You can create a Report from Query

8.   You can run Labels

9.   You can Save your queries and

10   You can load your (saved) queries

11. You can also "Include Inactive Students" in your query

Changing schools

Changing schools

If your security access allows you to access more than your school, you can "Change School"

Logging Out

Logging Out

Log Out when you are done