Welcome to Haiku LMS

Haiku LMS is a powerful and elegant learning management system (LMS). In SVUSD all educators, administrators, staff and students are able to access, create and participate in online courses through this simple to use LMS. To start using Haiku LMS just log into the portal and select Haiku.

Logging In

To begin login to the staff portal at: http://portal.svusd.org and select Haiku from the Applications Window.

Haiku Portal

The Haiku "My Portal" landing page provides a glimpse into:
1. current courses
2. calendar of upcoming events in your courses
3. an announcement and message area
4. recent activity in your courses

To begin in a course, simply select it from the list under "My Active Classes" (1 above).

Entering A Course

After selecting a course to enter (see step above) a user is taken to the course landing page.
1. Along the left is a list of folders and pages within the course.
2. The center area contains course content.
3. The top allows users to view the content pages, course calendar, connect features such as announcements and discussions, and the assess area where assignments, polls and exams are housed.

4. To add a page select the green plus sign in the Pages tab at the top left corner.

Adding a Content Page

Begin by adding a page (see step 4 above). In the pop-up window add the Page Title and select where the page should appear; the page may appear at the bottom of your pages list or as a sub page, nested under any of your other pages.

Adding Content to a Page

In a new page it's very easy to add content. Begin by clicking the "Add Content Block" button.

Selecting Content Types

In the add content pop-up select the type of information you are adding (indicated by the tabs across the top) and then the type of content from the menu options. In this case we will select "On Page Text" which provides a page editing tool.

Adding the Content

1. Begin by adding a title at the top.
2. In the content area type the information you'd like to include in the course. Common editing tools are along the top allowing you to change fonts, colors, add links and more.
3. At the bottom select the area for the content to appear.

When done select "Save" in the lower left corner.

Adding a Poll

Begin by selecting the "Add Content Block" once more ("Adding Content to a Page" direction above). This time select the "Connect & Assess" tab above. Followed by the Polls menu item.

Setting up the Poll

As with the other powerful items in Haiku, polls are very easy to set up. Just add at title, the question and then as many choices as you like. It even allows options for selecting options and voting privileges.

When your poll is ready select "Save" in the lower left corner.

Adding Discussion to the Page

On the page created the poll appears in the left block and the main content appears in the center. Now by selecting the "Add Content Block" once more we are going to add a discussion.

Adding Discussion

Under the Connect & Assess tab select "Discussion."

Adding Discussion (Cont.)

In the pop-up window:
1. Add a title.
2. Add the directions, question or information for the discussion.
3. Select the type of discussion.

Viewing Page Content and Adding a Calendar

The discussion now appears in the center area below the course welcome. Any of these blocks can simply be dragged and dropped to a new location. To move the block simply click on the gray box by the title, drag and drop where you would like it placed on the page.

To add a calendar begin by selecting the "Add Content Block."


Select Calendar in the pop-up window tab. Select the Upcoming Activities calendar. This will place a list of upcoming activities on the page that can be quickly edited.

Adding an Activity

The Upcoming Activities calendar will appear on the content page. To add an event just click in the "Quick Add" box and input the event information.

Publishing The Page

The page or course is now ready to be shared. To do this select the "Manage Class" pull down on the right side and select "Make Active." The course will now be live and others may join. To publish the page select the "Publish" button on the right side. Now, anyone enrolled or invited to the course will be able to view the content.

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