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Data Confirmation (On-line Re-Registration)

Student Data Confirmation Process message displays upon log in

Click Here to confirm the information about your student

Data Confirmation will only display during District specified days

Click on each section to complete data confirmation process.

Please review and update your information on each of the numbered tabs 1-7  (left side menu).  Select the ‘Confirm and Continue’ button to proceed  to the next item. For changes other than those on tabs 1-7, please  contact your school office.

Medical History

Medical Information updates will be emailed directly to school office and/or health office.

Authorizations and Prohibitions tab

Documents tab

Final Data Confirmation

Note: Process is incomplete until "Thank you for confirming the student data in the system" displays

Confirmation to School

Confirmation to School

Changes and updates will be emailed to school site

Data Confirmation Receipt must be received, by parent/guardian, to confirm process completion.

Data Confirmation Receipt

Thank you for confirming the data for your student.